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I’ll make one too!!!



I decided to make a blog about EXO to share my feels for the concert and also to keep my promise that I will make one. I’m fairly new to stanning KPOP artists. I’ve known KPOP since 10 years ago when Wonder Girls shook the world with their hit single, Nobody. It was so addicting, every one of us, including my male classmates, danced and sang to it every time they hear it. The mere mention of the word “nobody” could make anyone sing the song. It was that popular.

EXO didn’t start the KPOP boyband fever in the Philippines, but it was one of the most hyped bands of all time. I remember getting so annoyed because everyone talks about EXO. To be perfectly clear, I didn’t hate EXO. I was just annoyed at the hype. I find it off-putting and I tend to stay away from hyped things…

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6 Years with EXO


EXO was formed in 2011 and debuted on April 8, 2012 with 12 members.

Today, with countless of awards, records, and achievements that they have received, EXO celebrates their sixth anniversary together with EXO-Ls.

EXO had a rough start. During their debut days, they were called SM’s failure was criticized badly because of their ‘concept’. During their events, they only have few attendees. They used to perform at small events & only received a bag of rice as payment.  Imagine that? But despite all these, they still managed to go on.

During 2013, they had their comeback and won their first music bank award on ‘Wolf’. It was the major turning point for EXO’s career. I remember watching a video where Junmyeon was crying while receiving the award. He was thanking everyone who made it possible. It made my hard soft.

During 2013 too, they made a comeback with ‘Growl’ which became a big hit in Korea. They even called it as “Korea’s National Anthem” because almost everyone knows the song. Because of this they achieved more recognition, trophies & fame. They became the first million-seller ending the 12 years drought and they were the youngest artist to receive a daesang award at MAMA awards 2013.

2014 was considered as EXO’s black age: Kris filed a lawsuit against SM to terminate his contract, Luhan also left the group, Baekhyun and Taeyeon dating news broke out. It caused thousands of fans leaving.

Overdose became the best selling album in South Korea of 2014 and was the first mini album to top the yearly charts and win the Album of the Year Award at Mnet Asian Music Awards. By the end of 2014, EXO was Japan’s best-selling K-pop artist of the year.

S.M. Entertainment announced that EXO would continue to promote with 10 members. The group held their first solo concert “EXO from EXOplanet 1 – The Lost Planet” at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium. Tickets for the concert sold out in 1.47 seconds, breaking the record for the fastest sold out concert by a Korean artist.

In 2015, EXO released their second studio album, Exodus in both Korean and Mandarin versions. Exodus eventually went on to sell over a million copies, and is the group’s second album after XOXO to do so. It was named Album of the Year at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards, making this the third consecutive win in this category for the group since 2013. In May, EXO broke the record on Billboard as the highest ranking Korean artist, topping at 90th place. EXO also entered the Canadian Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 98, making them the first K-pop group and second Korean artist to enter the Canadian chart.

Despite all these achievements, during 2015, Tao also filed a lawsuit against SM due to lack of support concerning individual career developments and health issues.

EXO managed to continue as a group after loosing some of their members. They remain stronger for the people who are always their to support them. They released a few more albums and had their successful comebacks.

They became a big hit world wide and bang different awards. They are being recognized all over the world as the “Kings of KPOP” and “Nation’s Pick”. Their sub-unit, EXO-CBX is also successful and was recognized as the sub-unit of the century. They also had their solo endeavors in acting which made them a lot more popular.


Seeing all these, I may not be with them when they struggled from losing their members, I may not be with them during their darkest and painful days, but from now on,  I promise to be with them forever. I promise to protect them because I always want to see their smiles. EXO saved me from my darkest days. EXO became my inspiration and showed that there is more to life than my boring days.

I never imagined myself to be a KPop fan, not until I met EXO. When I was in highschool, many of my classmates are fans of KPop (SNSD, Big Bang, SuJu, etc). I don’t really care about that before and I find them weird. Little did I know that I will also be indulged into Kpop.

Many people say that “Fangirling is a waste of money and time“. I beg to disagree. Because of EXO, here’s me, finding purpose in life, getting motivation to continue growing and learning new skills, having the power to exercise daily and live a healthy lifestyle because of EXO.


There is no EXO without EXO-Ls.

There are no EXO-Ls without EXO.

we won’t be here on our 6th year if it weren’t because of every fan who supported our boys. Without our family, we’d be nothing.

You have this amazing ability to put a smile on my face and happiness in my heart . Because of you (EXO) I’ve met lots of awesome people. I met friends in the fandom that I can treasure and consider as family.

I will see you in Manila, my Kings. I’m sorry if I can’t afford yet to be near to you. I will continue to save so that next time I can finally see you face to face.

Thank you and thank you EXO-Ls  




Hay, Pilipinas

“I feel so betrayed.”

Love Letters of Peach

I’m a twenty-something millennial. Like most people my age, I am still confused with what I really want to do. Yes, I am a bit fucked up; I have anxiety and existential crisis, and I often rattle on my philosophies and beliefs. You will see me talk about hugots, puppies, and romantic love, a mixture of everything, really.

But amid my personal issues, I know I love my country.

Today 119 lawmakers voted in favor of the Php 1,000 budget for the Commission on Human Rights, along with two other agencies (National Commission on Indigenous Peoples and Energy Regulatory Commission).

I am beyond devastated.

Today I cried in front of my computer. It might sound “OA,” but I did. The last time I did was when Marcos’s burial in the Libingan ng mga Bayani was announced hours before the event.

And just like that moment, I also feel betrayed.

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100 Tula Para Kay Stella: Movie Review

100 tula

Movie Title: 100 Tula Para Kay Stell

Genre: Romance

Starring: JC Santos and Bella Padilla

Studio: Viva Films

Directed and Written By: Jason Paul Laxamana


In 2004, Fidel Lansangan (JC Santos) and Stella Puno (Bela Padilla) meets each other as freshmen college students in Pampanga pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. They became friends despite difference in their personalities; Fidel is an honor student with a speech impediment and loves poetry while Stella is a rocker with a tough and confident attitude who prefers to jam with her band rather than to do her studies.

Fidel begins to write poems to express his love to Stella but does not have the confidence to read these to her. Stella on her had various boyfriends as she pursues her goal of securing a recording contract. The film’s story spans for four whole years of Fidel and Stella’s college life and revolves around the question whether Fidel can muster enough confidence to read his poems to Stella by the time he finishes writing his 100th poem for her.



Since PPP is over, let me share my insights on this movie.

Fidel (JC) is a freshman who limits himself to three words per sentence. During their freshman’s night, he had the chance to meet Stella (Bela), an aspiring rock star. The two instantly created a simple bond to start their friendship because of Fidel’s stained pants. Later on, Fidel began to develop his feelings for Stella. He expressed it through his writing in a series of poems. But, he does not have enough courage to give his writings to her and confess his feelings. Given the four years to finish his 100th poem, will fate give them their own happy ending?

Typical Shy Boy meets Badass Rocker Girl story but since I’m so much into writing I got attracted to watch the movie. So let’s start…



The movie has an appealing theme that will definitely give you that “I want to watch this!”-feeling. It does not only give focus on good poetry and music, it also features a main character with a speech defect and his struggles because of his condition.

100 Tula Para Kay Stella has a simple plot where they don’t rush and complicate things that much. Also, since the movie is set in year 2000’s, 90’s kids will enjoy the cultural references like Friendster, diskettes, Nokia phones, cassette tapes, floppy disk and even the music (!!!!) Itsumo by Dice and K9 everyone! Those things were literally part of our generation and it’s kind of nostalgic to see it again.



Fidel – one word – ADMIRABLE. It was justifiable from a person who always stutters to love writing as a way to express emotions which he couldn’t tell someone directly. I also love how his character developed from being that shy guy to that fine and confident individual ready for what the world has to offer. I admire how he wanted to give up that one offer just so Stella could find a way to her dreams even if he, himself, also learned to love performing on stage. Dude, he did it all for love.

Stella. Her character frustrates me. I would have understood her character if something about her past like family background, etc. was given a little bit of emphasis. If I am her friend, I might scold her for being so stubborn. Girl, to reach your dreams you should study! Her way of reaching her dreams is not something that someone could be proud of. Good that she realized her mistakes it in the end.



The film can easily be compared to Kita Kita with a different concept but will give you that same reaction and feelings. The movie was good at start but like most movies that I’ve watched the drive was not sustained ‘till the end. I expected more because of the title, I thought it would give emphasis on some of Fidel’s poetry but no, it lacks depth— well, that’s for my opinion. Yes, the poems were cute but only a few matter in the end. Fidel had a completely different journey (mainly involves performance) where the poems actually became a little insignificant.

There isn’t much investment of feelings on the main characters on how happy they would look like together. Yes, there are sweet interactions, but it didn’t go deeper than that. It focused more on their lives individually and how much they want to pursue their dreams.

It was cliché? Yes, somehow. But what made the movie good was Fidel and Stella’s remarkable acting skills. JC and Bella flawlessly portrayed their own character. No doubt about that. They bring the plot into a different level even how shoddy—sorry for the word—it is. As much as I want to hate Stella, I just can’t because Bella pulled off that miserable and mesmerizing look that is hard to hate. I actually got carried away when Stella confronted Fidel with the poems. Hands down to JC who has a cute at the same time heartbreaking expressions.


In life, people look for something as an outlet to release emotions. And even if that someone you want to tell that don’t even have the chance to hear it, you still do it. And the fact that Fidel was too late to confess, it would hunt him forever. He should’ve have said it, but he didn’t.

While writing this I realized that timing is really the people’s enemy. Maybe, in God’s perfect time, we will meet that one person whom we will be ready to conquer the world’s struggles just to be with him/her.



Kita Kita Movie Review (2017)

kita kita

Movie Title: Kita Kita

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Starring: Alessandra De Rossi and Empoy Marquez

Studio: Spring Films

Directed and Written By: Sigrid Andrea Bernardo


To you, who’s reading this post. (Keme lang dahil di pa rin ako makamove-on)

Huwag kana magdalwang isip kung papanuorin mo ba ang Kita Kita o hindi. Panuorin mo. Promise di ka magsisisi. Isa ito sa ilang pelikula na napanuod ko na di kilala ang loveteam pero mamahalin mo dahil sobrang tatatak sayo ang istorya. Hindi ka lang basta bubusugin, may ipapabaon pa sayo.

Aesthetically speaking, sobrang eye pleasing ng mga lugar na pinagshootingan. Shempre Japan yan eh. Ang galing ng production team sa likod nito, kuhang-kuha nila ang angles at ang feels~~ kudos!

Sa story development, kung tutuusin common na ang ganap. Pero yung way ng pagdeliver ng lines, yung feelings, yung timing– nandun lahat! Kung sa pagkain, natimpla nila ng maayos kaya masarap ang kinalabasan! Kaya naman pala gumawa ng Filipino movie na ganto no? Set this movie as our standard. Sana yung mga susunod i-aim nila na mas maganda pa ang kalabasan kesa sa Kita Kita.


Ayoko sana magbilang pero dahil sobrang deserve ng movie na to sige.



Unang beses na nakita ko ang trailer sinabi ko sa sarili ko na ‘shet ang ganda papanuorin ko to’ kaya inabangan ko ng July 19 tapos di pala showing sa SM Naga kaya nalungkot si bes.



Nagdalawang isip ako dahil duh bakit si Empoy ang leading man? Pero nung napanood ko na. Hands down. Ang galing ni Empoy. Effortless, kayang-kaya niya magpatawa kahit ifocus mo lang sakanya ang camera. Sa sobrang natural ng mga jokes niya, feeling ko adlib nalang yung ibang jokes niya dun.



Mahigit tatlong beses ata ako napahagalpak ng tawa dahil kay Tonyo na kulang nalang sapakin ko din katabi ko na di ko naman kilala pero kanina pa ako sinasapak.



Apat na araw ang hinintay ko bago mapanuod ito dahil late ipalabas ang pelikula sa probinsiya (minsan pa nga di na pinapalabas ang indie films dito). Ang movie na kagaya nito ay deserve mapanuod sa sinehan at hindi sa pirata lang.



Limang subo sa popcorn para mapigilan ang pag-iyak. Mabigat sa dibdib. Lalo na nung pinatugtog ang Two Less Lonely People in the World na si KZ pala ang kumanta. Pasimpleng punas nalang dahil naiiyak na.



Anim na leche para kay Tonyo. Sarap mong murahin. Yung akala kong fillers lang sa movie hindi pala, walang tapon… lahat nandun ka. Na nandoon pala yung scene na yun kasi may role siya sa ending.



Pitong tungga sa Sapporo ni Tonyo. Madami na naman ang mangangarap na makapunta ng Sapporo, Japan.



Sa huling walong minuto ng movie mapapa ‘tangina’ ka nalang dahil taragis yun na yun?! Bakit nangyari yun? Pero wow, yun yung naging dahil para ahhhh, laaaaa. Ayoko mang-spoil.



Higit siyam na beses kong nakita sa mga mata ni Lea na legit ang tuwa niya. Yung natural na natatawa talaga siya kay Empoy at hindi pilit. Yun yung sobrang nagustuhan ko sa movie. Sooobrang natural. Isa pa, ang powerful na mga mata ni Alessandra na makikita mo ang saya, galit at lungkot.



Sampung minutong katahimikan para sa nadurog na puso. Magbitbit ng tissue at panyo ang mga mababaw ang luha jan. Nung dumilim na ang screen at lumabas ang credits napatulala nalang ako.


Ayoko na. Ngayon I will never see banana, heart and paper cranes the same again. It will forever remind me of Lea and Tonyo. Lalo na yung “Two less lonely people in the world“, nakakaiyak pag naririnig ko at hanggang ngayon LSS pa rin ako.


Kaya gaya nga sabi ni Tonyo sa movie, “It’s now, It’s never” kaya panuorin niyo na mga bes! Hindi ka lang basta bubusugin, may ipapabaon pa sayo.

“Noong nakakakita ka, ‘di mo ako nakita. Nang mabulag ka, doon mo lang ako nakita.” – Tonyo



Millennials of the Philippines

I’ve been reading posts saying that these youths are just doing bullshits ruining our country by means of their rally against The Late President/Dictator’s Burial in LNMB.

Apparently, we live in a culture wherein we, millennials, are often criticize for our narcissism and apathy, but then, once we indulge ourselves with the issues at hand about our society, they still criticize us for standing up for something that they thought we do not understand. Don’t treat millennials like some ignorant children forced to take bullshits. Stop trying to suppress the youth! Shame on you adults who are thinking that because you have lived longer, you already know better. We are as much citizens of this country as you are.

And why do this people ALWAYS think that this is about two parties? LP and the rest, or Marcos vs. Aquino which is actually beyond party lines. There is no color in this stand regarding the burial of a dictator which was initiated, disappointingly, by our President. These people are just seeking for arguments, they want the spotlight to be on them. They believe that when you’re an anti-marcos, you are pro-aquino. Can their minds get any worse? No matter how we try to explain to them our stand, they will never listen because they have close minds. When you ask them for sources for what they believe in, they will turn the tables and throw words pertaining to you, us, being a yellow-supporter. And they will give you Mocha Uson and Sass Sasot’s articles. How pathetic could they be? Can’t they site atleast one RELIABLE source? Goodness!

We believe that it’s the people’s option to close their eyes and senses while others try to be critical to stand firm and grounded on facts. And those apologists would still stuck on what they want to believe even though it is as clear as the sunny sky, the evidences, data and documents both local and international have sufficient credible findings against the Marcoses.

We, Millennials, will  not stop leading and joining this crusade for what is right. Especially that we know that this is just. We need to take action to show our voice. This is for our future generations and for the victims of martial law. We need to prove to them that Philippines is for the Filipino people alone; not for anyone’s family.


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